Love, Hypothetically

Love, Hypothetically - Anne Tenino Oh these Theta Alpha Gamma boys. I loved Sebastian and Brad’s story in Frat Boy and Toppy. Their book was funny and both boys were charming on their own. As a couple, they were adorable. Readers were also introduced to Paul in the first book. When I found out that Love, Hypothetically was Paul’s story I was wondering exactly how Anne Tenino was going to pull it off. If you haven’t read Frat Boy and Toppy, let me explain. Paul was one of those characters that you despised from the first time he opened his mouth. He was mean to the point of being down right cruel and he made no apologies for any of his actions. I had no idea how this character could be turned around enough for me to sympathize with him at all. I love it when an author can totally change my attitude – and amazingly, it happened within the first few pages of Love, Hypothetically.I should have known that there was a reason behind Paul’s attitude. In his own strange way, he was trying to protect Sebastian from heart break by being so mean to Brad in Frat Boy and Toppy. He knew first hand about jocks, how cruel they could be and how impossible it was to trust them, especially with a fragile thing like a heart. It was still no excuse for how he acted, but his experience explained so much and made me really like him. I never saw that one coming. Even though Trevor was supposed to be the bad guy in this one, I liked him from the start. He had a lot to make up for, but he had his reasons for his actions too.This was more of a novella than a book – it was almost half as long as Frat Boy and Toppy, but it packed a lot within those 100 or so pages. I think what is really making me enjoy this series is the supporting characters. Some of my favorite scenes in this book were Paul’s interactions with his friends. His ‘Hypothetical’ conversation with Toby was hilarious. It made me really want to get to know Toby better. Paul’s phone conversation with Josie and his breakfast with her and Callie (the Parasite) were priceless and so adorable. I also really loved the talk he had with Brad and Sebastian (these two were still adorable together by the way.) Watching him work through his feelings and explain things out loud to his friends were a huge part in turning him into a character that I could really like.The Theta Alpha Gamma series is one that I am so glad I picked up. I haven’t read any of Anne Tenino’s other books, but this series has definitely made me want to see what else she has to offer.