Darkest Passion (Lords of the Underworld 7)

The Darkest Passion - Gena Showalter Okay, I admit that I am officially hooked on the Lords of the Underworld Series. I may have mentioned that before, but just in case anyone out there missed it, I needed to say it again. The more I get to know these boys, the more I want to know them better. And may I say that Gena Showalter is doing a wonderful job at helping me out with that endeavor! ;)The Darkest Passion is Aeron’s book and he is the keeper of the demon Wrath. Aeron spent most of the first couple of books in a literal rage. He was cursed by the Gods to kill a family of women. Because the other Lords knew that if he followed through on that killing he would never be able to live with the guilt, they did whatever they could, including imprisoning him, to keep those women and their brother safe until the curse was finally lifted. Because of that scenario and his obvious love, respect and care of his fellow Lords, I couldn’t wait to get to Aeron’s book. It was more than time for him to have a little peace and find some happiness. I should have known before I started this book that Showalter wasn’t going to make it that easy. *sigh*I absolutely loved Olivia. She was a feisty fallen angel, even though she was timid to begin with. I loved her spunk and determination to have her way with Aeron. It was fun to read and watch her begin to interact with the rest of the Lords – eventually. Aeron fighting against the inevitable was fun to read too. Given the fact that Olivia had some extra insight into the psyche of some of the other Lords gave this book a little something extra. Readers learned some things that they may not have otherwise known.The love story between Aeron and Olivia was front and center, but, as with the other books, we’re given a glimpse of some of the other Lords. I think what I like most about these books is the interaction between the Lords. Their love and devotion to each other is evident. I love the acceptance they have for each other and their demons. The weight of their demons gives them a unique camaraderie that brings them closer than they probably would be otherwise.In The Darkest Passion we learn more about the Hunters and their goals, Legion causes all kinds of new trouble, interesting tidbits about the Gods are revealed and at least one of the lost demons is found. In short, a lot happens in this book.I don’t want to give anything away, but I would be remiss if I didn’t warn you to prepare yourself. I know that I’ve warned readers before to expect heartbreak in other books, but this book needs a little extra warning. There was a point in The Darkest Passion that literally tore me up. I’ve recovered from the trauma, but it took a while.The next book is aptly titled The Darkest Lie. Perfect since it is Gideon’s book. The Darkest Passion gives readers a taste of what Gideon is facing in his story. Just enough to make me glad that it’s waiting for me on my shelf.