To Kill A Warlock

To Kill A Warlock - H. P. Mallory I just recently discovered H.P. Mallory so my regular blog visitors are going to have to forgive me for the sudden influx of her books on my blog. These books are quick, fun reads and I’m hooked. Sorry ;) To Kill a Warlock is the first book in her Dulcie O’Neil Series and although I think I like the Jolie Wilkins Series better, it’s a close call.Dulcie is another fun character with a great ‘voice.’ She is part of a team who are basically supernatural law enforcement. They are responsible for keeping all magical and supernatural beings under control. Understandably, it isn’t a simple feat.The characters in To Kill a Warlock are colorful to say the least. The types of supernatural beings seem to be as varied as individual personalities. Dulcie is a powerful fairy herself and that along with her personality make her a great lead character in this series.Although Dulcie has her fair share of love interests in To Kill a Warlock, there weren’t really any ‘hot and heavy’ love scenes in this one. I was okay with that. There was definitely enough action, tension, light romance and snarkiness to make up for it. It will be interesting to see where the story leads though. In what I’ve discovered so far is true H.P. Mallory fashion, readers are left with an ending that leaves you wanting more. She’s once again hooked me with a freebie and I will be slowly but surely purchasing the rest of the series I’m sure. Sneaky, sneaky authors! ;)