Something Strange and Deadly

Something Strange and Deadly - I’m not exactly sure what I expected from Something Strange and Deadly. I didn’t remember the zombie reference when I signed up for the ARC. Not that zombies would deter me, I just wasn’t expecting a YA novel in an historical setting to include zombies. Silly me!Eleanor Fitt was a wonderful female MC. She had spunk, and a loyalty to her friends and family and a very strong sense of right and wrong. She lived during a time when everything and everyone was defined by class. Eleanor realized how unfair this was. Regardless of the fact that part of the reason why was because she felt her and her family slipping from the social acceptance that they once had, it still helped me to admire her. As young as she was, she was the adult in her family whether her brother and mother realized it or not. She fought for what she believed in and didn’t think about the consequences.As for the Spirit-Hunters… they were not your average heros. For one thing, they got absolutely no respect. They were the good guys and didn’t stand a chance. I loved Joseph, Jie and Daniel. They were a close knit group who didn’t let the fact that the whole city was against them keep them from trying to protect them all. Joseph was the leader of the group. He tried as hard as he could to stay on the right side of the ‘law.’ At times he found it was a losing battle. Jie, well I’ll let you find out about Jie on your own. Then there was Daniel. *sigh* He was brutally honest (for the most part), frustratingly stubborn and a bad boy that all prim and proper ladies know that they have no business socializing with. Which is precisely why Daniel and Eleanor were perfect for each other.There were a lot of other characters that graced the pages of Something Strange and Deadly and they all were very easy to relate to and in some instances hate. There were also a few that you weren’t really sure about until the very end. I love it when that happens. A book that keeps you guessing about exactly who you should and shouldn’t be rooting for is just plain fun.The story started slow, but picked up quickly. It took place during the Centennial Exhibition in Philadelphia and most of the action took place at that venue. There and Laurel Hill Cemetery, which is very appropriate for a story involving zombies and spirits. There was a lot of action, a little bit of romance and a lot of twists and turns along with mystery and suspense. By the halfway point in Something Strange and Deadly, it became hard to put down.Even though this book doesn’t end in a cliff hanger, I can’t wait until the next book comes out. It came to a satisfying end (almost) but I would have been extremely upset if I didn’t know that the story continued. Sometime in 2013 we will be treated to Book 2 in the Something Strange and Deadly Series, A Darkness Strange and Lovely. That’s really, really good because there were a lot of loose ends that need to be tied and a few mysteries that need to be solved and a certain rogue Spirit-Hunter and young lady that need…. well, you’re just going to have to read the book and suffer right along with me.