Deadlock (Southern Arcana, #3)

Deadlock (Southern Arcana, #3) - Moira Rogers Would someone please tell me why it’s taken me so long to jump back into this series. I know I’ve made that statement before, but not including the last two novellas, it has been over a year since I read Crossroads, the last book in this series. A YEAR! That is totally unacceptable.This world that Moira Rogers has created is amazing. There is so much to it. There are shifters, and there’s magic and crooked politics and danger and amazing characters that include strong, independent women and crazily protective alpha males. This series is seriously swoon worthy.If you’ve followed this series at all, you know the kind of anticipation that has led up to Alec’s story. If anyone deserves a HEA, it is definitely him. Until you read Deadlock though, you have no idea exactly how heart breaking his story really is. He has spent his life feeling like he has to protect everyone and in the process neglecting himself. He has built such a huge wall around himself that he’s shut himself off. Carmen was the perfect character to break down that wall. It wasn’t easy and from past books in this series no one’s survival is guaranteed, but the wait was oh so worth it.The romance wasn’t the only aspect of this installment of the Southern Arcana series. A lot happens that will change the lives of the characters, both old and new. Readers also got to spend some time with characters that we’ve met in previous installments. Their personalities mesh so well and there is so much love and loyalty between them that you can’t help but think of them all as family. Yep, this world is amazing… no other way to put it.The next couple’s story is also a long time coming. I have no idea what Moira Rogers finally has in store for Kat and Andrew but whatever it is, I can promise it won’t take nearly as long for me to pick up Cipher. I’m officially hooked… again.