Almost Perfect (Perfect Trilogy, Book 1)

Almost Perfect (Perfect Trilogy, Book 1) - Julie Ortolon This is a another contemporary romance that took me by surprise. The premise was kind of cute and so was the romance.The three friends were a perfect balance for each other. They each had their strengths and weaknesses and they supported each other, no questions asked. They also weren’t afraid to be honest with each other. I liked that.I think one of my favorite characters was Joe’s mom. She was the perfect role model for both Joe and Maddy. I loved her spunk that went hand in hand with her wisdom and strength.As for Joe and Maddy, the relationship worked. I liked that they both had to fight for it and they were both flawed. It wasn’t perfect from the start, but they grew into it and that made it all the more believable.There are 3 books in the trilogy and each one centers around one of the friends as they each try to overcome their fears with the challenges they were given in Almost Perfect. I just might have to check the rest of them out.