Vanilla on Top

Vanilla on Top - C.J. Ellisson I’ve been a fan of C.J. Ellisson for a long time. At first I thought it was the vampires and shifters, after all, PNR is my first love. Vanilla On Top proved to me that Ellission’s writing was the real pull. She just knows how to write a hot, steamy romance, with or without a paranormal twist.Heather was a character that I could totally relate to. Not for the reasons you are thinking *blush* but because of her inability to ‘take the bull by the horns’ so to speak. Both in her professional and personal life. Professionally she was very good at what she did, but she felt like since she was working in ‘man’s world’ she would never get farther ahead in her company than a position of support. Personally she wasn’t assertive when it came to relationships either. One crazy night changed all of that and it was fun to watch her transformation. The inner arguments and self doubt weren’t fun, but it was all part of the growth.Tony’s transformation was even more fun to watch. He was a poster boy for a typical playboy. The affect that Heather had on him was adorable. His inner turmoil and uncertainty about his feelings gave readers such a great insight into who the man really was.And then there was the heat between this couple. Sure it was instant attraction, which rarely happens, but that’s what made the story so intense. It was raw and fun. There were some BDSM elements but they weren’t over the top and the inner dialogue from both characters actually gave them a sweet edge that I didn’t expect. The course that the story took was pretty much inevitable, but there were a few tense twists. I’ve said before that in stories like this, it’s not necessarily the outcome but the journey that gets the characters to where they need to be. This was a fun-filled journey.Vanilla on Top was the first in Ellisson’s Walk on the Wild Side series. I’m looking forward to what she has in store for the next character in the series. Although I wasn’t a huge fan of her in Vanilla on Top, I’m betting Ellisson will be able to change my mind about Carla.