Be Witched (Jolie Wilkins, #2.5)

Be Witched (Jolie Wilkins, #2.5) - H.P. Mallory Yep, as soon as I was done with Toil and Trouble I immediately downloaded Be Witched. To be honest, I’ve spent a fair amount of time in both Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble and Toil and Trouble fairly mad at Rand. Sure, Book 2 helped me at least understand where he was coming from and even made me sympathize with him, but I’d still like to smack him for treating Jolie the way he has. I just had no choice but to pick up Be Witched to see if would help me understand him a little better.So what’s the verdict? The juries still out. I know, that was a cop out, but it was honest. Yes, I enjoyed the story. It did give me a little bit more insight into Rand and what made him say and do the things that he did. Yet, just because it was coming from his point of view, doesn’t mean that I agreed with his decisions any more than when the same scenario was coming from Jolie. I’m still glad that I read it and it helped me get a little bit more of my Rand/Jolie fix coming down off of Toil and Trouble. It just didn’t help me sympathize with Rand any more than I did before.