The Raven Boys

The Raven Boys - Long story short? The Raven Boys is destined to be another Maggie Siefvater hit. On the off chance that you need more from a review than that statement, I’ll make an attempt. I’m warning you ahead of time though, there is no possible way to do this book justice with a simple review.Blue is an amazing YA female character. Her unique upbringing has given her a different concept of ‘normal.’ Seeing spirits, reading fortunes and preforming spells are all a part of her day to day life. She is surrounded by strong, powerful women who have all shaped her into the person she has become. Because of that, she’s also grown up knowing what fate holds in store for her. The synopsis of the book pretty much tells you what Blue faces, but it doesn’t come close to preparing you for the journey these characters take.Gansey and his friends are all so much more than they appear at first. Their closeness and devotion to each other make them all likable characters even though it takes a while to get to really know each of them. They all have their secrets to some degree and watching their own personal stories unfold keep the pages turning.Maggie Stiefvater also does an amazing job of giving almost all the characters a voice. I enjoyed the glimpses into the different POVs and one flowed seamlessly into the other. It worked really well.The Raven Boys had quite a few twists and turns and some surprising glimpses into the future. There is definitely a lot more in store for this group of friends and the Raven Cycle promises to be an eventful series and one that I’m sure I’ll be reading more than once.