Cursed Kiss - Helen Scott Taylor This was one of those books that I started off really liking and then it just lost me. *sigh*A lot happened in Cursed Kiss and the premise was rather unique. The travel between dimensions was an interesting twist. I also liked symbiotic relationship between Luka and Pablo. (You’ll have to read the book to figure that one out.) There was intrigue and danger and plenty of sexual tension, but there was also a lot missing.There was so much I wanted to know and for a while I thought my questions would be answered, but they never really were. I did enjoy what I got out of it though and the unique concept kept my interest, I just wanted more. There are a lot of readers that didn’t seem to have any issues with it though, so don’t let my hesitance sway you. It may have been just me, which happens. Cursed Kiss was an enjoyable read, honest. It just left me wanting to know more about the characters. Not really confusion, just questions. This may be one that I pick up again and see if I still feel the same way.