Spider’s Revenge (Elemental Assassin, #5) - Jennifer Estep I’m really afraid readers of my Elemental Assassin reviews are going to get bored. Why? Because I find myself feeling the same way about each one of the books in this series. Not because they are re-hashing the same scenarios or because the characters do the same thing from book to book. It’s because each one takes everything up a notch. The world gets broader, the characters and the relationships between those characters gets stronger and more information is revealed. Each time I read one of the books in this series I walk away thinking that it was my favorite one. These books are just that good. Spider’s Revenge was intense on many levels. The stakes were a lot higher for Gin and company. This time it was personal on so many levels. If Gin wanted to make sure that Mab never hurt anyone she cared about again, she had to be destroyed. That made the danger and the ultimate fighting intense. Because Gin had little hope of coming out of the final battle with Mab alive also raised the emotional stakes. There were a lot of heart breaking moments in this one. There were also a lot of heart warming ones as well.Once again, the characters are what made this story so great. I loved watching Finn and Bria ‘dance’ around their feelings for each other. Jo Jo was once again a source of strength and motherly support. We learned more about Sophia’s past and events that shaped her character. Roslyn, Xavier and even Warren and Violet Fox had Gin’s back in Spider’s Revenge. Then there was Eva and of course Owen. Speaking of which, the relationship between Owen and Gin is also growing stronger. I keep hoping that’s a very good thing, but I still have that niggling little bit of doubt. Not that I don’t think Owen’s sincere, it’s just that things are going way too well with them right now, which usually means that bad things are bound to happen. I really, really, really hope I’m wrong. *sigh*One of the things that I liked most about this installment was the connection between all the characters I’ve already mentioned. They are such a huge support to each other. They aren’t afraid to be honest with each other when they need to be and if they do hold back it’s for protection, not deceit. They aren’t perfect. They’ve all made mistakes, but they deal with them. The world that they live in has forced them to literally fight to survive. Watching them fight that battle together is what makes these books so much fun to read.