Night Pleasures (Dark-Hunter, #2) - Sherrilyn Kenyon This is an extremely daunting series to start. I think that there are close to 20 or more. That’s not exactly a bad thing though. It actually means that it will take me a while to get through them all and even though I’ve only read two, I can already tell that I’m really going to enjoy knocking this series off my TBR list. ;)I can also already tell that I am going to have a hard time picking a favorite couple. Amanda and Kyrian were so much fun. Sure the circumstances that brought them together were anything but perfect. Kyrian was cursed to never be able to fall in love and Amanda’s family hated what they thought he was enough to hunt and kill first and ask questions later. Nothing about this relationship should have come close to working but that just kept things interesting. The real beauty of their relationship was the ‘fun’ aspect. As scared as Amanda was it didn’t stop her from having a sense of humor and the teasing and banter between the couple made me love them even more.Beyond the fun though, there was pain. Lots and lots of pain. Reading everything that Kyrian had been through, at the hands of someone he had loved and trusted was beyond hard. It tore at Amanda too and the result was heartbreaking and beautiful at the same time. And the climax of this one just about did me in. Honestly. torture like that (to both characters and readers) should be outlawed.The reunion between Julian and Kyrian gave readers a chance to catch up with Fantasy Lover‘s couple and it was also very touching. I also liked getting to know not only the other Dark Hunters but the various side characters that I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of. I’m also pretty sure that Kyrian and Amanda’s story is far from over, which makes me look forward to the rest of the series even more.Talon is up next and that’s great because he was one of my favorite Dark Hunters in Night Pleasures. He’s sure to keep Night Embrace extremely interesting. ;)