On Raven's Wings (Hell Bent/Heaven Sent #1) - Isobel Lucas,  Megg Jensen Well, that was interesting. In a very good way though. Very good.If I didn’t know that Isobel Lucas and Megg Jensen were one in the same, I never would have guessed that this short story came from the same author that wrote The Song of Eloh Saga. Don’t let the length of this one fool you though. Even though it was probably less than 50 pages (Amazon estimates it as 33 pages) it carries quite a punch.The concept of these shorts is unique for me and I’m going to enjoy plowing through each one. I read this one in just under an hour and it proved to be a great break from what I had currently been reading. I can already tell that I’m going to want to have my hands on the next books sooner rather than later. If they all end like On Raven’s Wings there are a lot of cliff hangers in store for readers in this series.