The Abandoned  - Amanda Stevens What’s better than a short, sweet, freebie novella? A short, sweet, freebie novella that gives you a taste of what an author has in store for you in a series.I saw the first book in the Graveyard Queen Series on a shelf in a department store when I was looking for a new read. I had never heard of the series or the author so I didn’t pick it up then. I decided to do a little research first. That’s when I came across this prequel to the series.This novella gives readers a taste of Amanda Stevens’ style and also lets you in a little on what the series is about. As a prequel, it does a great job. Basically it left me wanting more, so it served its purpose well. Now that I’m hooked I need to go back and find The Restorer, the first book in the series…. ;)