Ghost College (The Ghost Files, #1) - Scott Nicholson,  J.R. Rain Ghost College was a great haunted mystery. It had the quick witted humor and inner monologue that I’ve come to expect from J.R. Rain’s lead characters and gave me even more reason to check out more of Scott Nicholson’s books.Monty is an interesting ghost hunter, mainly because he isn’t a believer. He is, however, totally devoted to his wife and will do whatever he can to support her. It’s her that he believes in and that’s enough to keep him searching for ghosts. That all changes when they visit the Bible college in Southern California. Monty finds himself up close and personal with a entity that gives him a whole new perspective.Ghost College is the first book in The Ghost Files Series and the remainder of the books should prove to be interesting. Each of the three current books in the series adds a different contributing author. I don’t think I’ve ever read a series that is centered around the same characters but written by different authors. I might just have to check out Ghost Soldier (Book #2) with Evelyn Klebert and Ghost Fire (Book #3) with Eva Paludan if for no other reason but to see how the story continues to flow.