Midnight Alley - Rachel Caine Okay, I admit it. I waited entirely too long to start this series. I got hooked after Glass Houses and The Dead Girls' Dance when I read Volume 1 of Morganville Vampires and now I'm totally enamored with the series after finishing Midnight Alley. This installment has take this series to an entirely new level.I was told by Hannah at Once Upon A Time that she couldn't wait for me to read this book simply because of a new character that's introduced, I was intrigued. I mean, we've been introduced to a whole gang of amazing characters already. What could possibly make this character so interesting? Lesson learned... ALWAYS trust your book bullies. ALWAYS!Midnight Alley is a roller coaster ride. The four house mates are working hard at pulling themselves apart. Shane hates Michael for what he's become, Michael wants to protect everyone - still - but the fact that his best friend no longer trusts him is making it difficult. Eve is trying to hold everyone together and Claire has a secret so big that she can't tell anyone - and it's killing her. Throw in the fact that Oliver is still, well Oliver and Amelie holds Claire's fate in her hands and Eve's brother is still on the loose - things get a little more than crazy in this one. Just when you think things are finally coming around and you can take a breath, another live or death scenario pulls everyone into imminent danger once again. Not even the final chapter, or page for that matter gives you a chance to let your guard down.Needless to say, I'm enjoying my trip through Morganville. I'm a little late starting and I'm taking my time, but I'm loving every minute of it and the books just seem to keep getting better and better. Can't wait to start Feast of Fools ;) Lucky me, I read Midnight Alley as part of Morganville Vampires Volume 2, so I can start right away!