Hollowland - Amanda Hocking I’ve been a fan of Amanda Hocking for a while now. The first book of hers that I read was My Blood Approves and I finished every book in the series that she has written. I followed that series with The Trylle Trilogy, then I read them all again. (Don’t judge, the fact that I’m a compulsive re-reader has already been established ;) ) Anyway, even though I am obviously a fan, I have taken my time jumping on the ‘zombie loving wagon’ so to speak. I’m not quite there yet, but since I now have two zombie novels under my belt, I guess you could say I’m on my way.Just a warning, Hollowland is not a book for the squeamish reader. The zombies in this book are not the fun variety. They are gross, ruthless and scary. These are the zombies that have kept me away from zombie books. I always had in the back of my mind visions of the old Black and White Dawn of the Living Dead movies. My husband loved those movies. I hated them. If Hollowland was only about fighting zombies and didn’t have likeable characters and a sensible plot I never would have gotten through it. Lucky for me I like Remy. She was a strong female heroine who didn’t let her guard down. She wanted to save everyone but was sensible enough to know when someone was beyond being saved. She risked everything to find the only family she had left and was willing to do it on her own. Lucky for Remy, she had some stubborn and loyal friends.The supporting characters were fun and unique right down to their sidekick feline. Remy, Harlow, Lazlow and Blue form an unlikely alliance that becomes an almost unstoppable force. They probably wouldn’t have found each other or even considered each other as friends in any other circumstance. But that’s just it, it’s the unbelievable circumstance that they are in that makes it possible for them to join forces and become as close and loyal to each other as they did. Their outrageous, unfathomable situation is what made the story work.There were so many close calls and near misses, twist and turns and near death moments in this book, it was impossible not to keep turning the pages. And yeah, there was time for a little romance too. Not much, but Amanda Hocking managed to work it into the plot. The great part is, it worked. It didn’t seem forced or just thrown in to appease the reader. It fit in the situation.Once again, I discovered that waiting a while before reading a series isn’t always a bad thing. Hollowmen is already out. With the way that Hollowland ends, there is now way that I won’t be reading the sequel. Not that the story ends in a cliff hanger or anything. ;)