Let's Get Lade - Thomas Amo So, are you ready to read something short and light? A comedy of errors and mishaps that will have you in stitches more than once? Have I got the read for you!I was first introduced to the writing of Thomas Amo when I received a copy of An Apple for Zoë. Reading Let’s Get Lade proves just what a versatile writer Thomas is. The first book of his Forsaken Series may have taken place in a hotel as well, but that is about the only similarity between these two books. Except for the fact that I loved them both. ;)Let’s Get Lade is slap-stick at it’s best. Even though the premise is based on assassination, there isn’t a series moment to be had. Of course the characters think that every moment is serious, which makes those moments even funnier. All in all it was basically just a fun read and a welcome distraction. Everyone should treat themselves to one of those every now and then.